Plasma Skin Tightening

Non-surgical and non-invasive skin treatment to lessen the appearance of loose wrinkly skin 

Is plasma skin tightening for me?

Candidates have the following:

- Must be loose "crepey" skin that has lost elasticity over time 

- Little underlying adipose aka fat cells, not an area that would benefit from weight loss

- Light to fair skin tone, with no sun damage/tan

- In good health, no immune system or healing issues

- No history of hyper/hypopigmentation of the skin and no rosacea, dermatitis, sores or inflammation

- Not pregnant or nursing

- Not taking antibiotics

How does it work?

Plasma Skin Tightening treatment restores skins appearance by ionizing gases near the most superficial layer of the skin. It immediately contracts and tightens the fibers that support the skin cells and essentially vaporizes the old and loose tissue. Again, the area must be skin only - not an area that needs weight loss. 

What can I expect?
  • 90 minutes - 3 hrs. to perform, depending on location and size of area.

  • Minimal to no discomfort - topical numbing gel is applied.

  • Improvement may be immediate but full results take 3 weeks – 3 months or more. 

  • Swelling day 1-3, dry crusts/flaking day 4-10, followed by new pink skin for 3+ weeks.

  • Avoid sun exposure following treatment, proceed with SPF once healed.

  • Clients may be pleased with 1 treatment but plan for 2+ treatments for desired results.

Treatment sites and pricing

Pricing varies depending on the size and number of area treated

  • Upper Eyelid: $600

  • Lower Eyelid: $600

  • Crows Feet: $500

  • Jowls: $700

  • Lip Lines: $400

  • Forehead: $500