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1.  No caffeine, alcohol, or working out the day of

2. Avoid blood thinning medications, vitamins, supplements (with consent from your physician) vitamin E, aspirin, niacin, fish oil, ibuprofen etc. 48 hours prior

3. Avoid high vitamin supplements & food like green smoothies, protein shakes, etc.

4. If you have diabetes, anemia, blood disorders, compromised immune system (for example undergoing chemo, high blood pressure) history of stroke/heart attack or other medical conditions that could results in poor healing consult with your physician for written clearance prior to your appointment & bring a copy of doctors clearance

5. You must bring a state issued photo ID as required by the health department



We will cover aftercare in detail at your appointment and you will be given a copy of eaxct instructions. Every person is different and this is a general estimate of how your body will heal. You will be advised on how to wash your eyebrows at your appointment.

1. Do not touch your brows to prevent transmitting bacteria/risking infection

2. Do not swim/submerge brows & avoid steam/sauna

3. Do not work out for at 7-10 days. Increased circulation will blur the color!

4. Do no pick, scratch, or exfoliate the brows for 10 days

5. Do not sunbathe/tan for 10 days - once healed use sunscreen on area

6. Let any flakes /scabs fall off naturally, do not pick 

7. No makeup or other products on brows for 10 days 

8. Avoid the forehead entirely with harsher products like retinol, acids, and glycolic for 2 weeks days. Avoid the forehead indefinitely if possible to prevent rapid fading




Some clients prefer to schedule microblading around work hours or events because they may be dark or flakey. The first 7 days they will go thru the most obvious changes.

1. Immediately after your brows look darker & thicker than the healed result 

2. Between day 1 to 5 the brows darken. This is temporary, it is not the final color. It is simply a scab-like protective layer that has formed 

3. Day 7 to 10 the scab like layer can begin to peel/flake

4. Day 10 to 2 weeks the brows look very light & you may think "Where is the is gone!" This is normal, new skin is cloudy & healed over the pigment masking it

5. 3-5 weeks after the new healed skin becomes clear & the pigment is visible again

Microbalding and brow procedure aftercare
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